About the band

The Back 40s deliver Midwest Rock and Roll.  Americana. Alt-Country. Hooks, harmony, jangle, tone.  But they also deliver the songs. Songs delivered from a unique perspective on the complexity, tension, love, and heartache that exist in the back forties. Songs that Nick May and Chad Strathman channel through their experience dealing with real people with real problems. These are songs about people you know, people like you. These are your songs. These are the songs that you long to hear in every bar and car under the stars. Ten of these songs found a new home on the band’s debut release, Relative Paradise. Nick and Chad are supported live by bassist Robert Schug and drummer John Hicks. They are currently out performing songs off their new album, as well as other original songs, at some of their favorite venues. Check out the band’s Shows page to see where you can catch a live show.