About the band

Noisy Withdrawal* is happy to be part of the Attractive Nuisance Tour again this year -—sure to be the highlight of our 2015 touring escapades (okay, we don’t really have touring escapades…). This year’s show will feature an eclectic mix of power-pop-rock-folk and/or country rock covers, both current and classic, including our interpretations of other artists’ innovative reinterpretations of original hits and the occasional obscure delight. The group tackles music that it is mostly capable of playing, with an overachieving attitude toward rhythmic and vocal challenges backed by an unwavering try-hard-but-keep-our-day-jobs mentality. Remarkably, bassman Charlie Broadnax, the lone non-juris doctor in the mix — unless you count our 3L keyboardist, Matt Norris — continues to show up for practice and tolerate his bandmates without demanding nearly enough outlandish perks. The remainder of the band consists of Steve Beck (vocals, guitar), Laurie Hartman (vocals, random percussion), Chris Hunt (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Bob Rubenstein (drums), and Sam Orbovich (electric violin, guitars, vocals).

*Excerpted from ABA Ethics Opinion 92-366: Withdrawal When a Lawyer’s Services Will Otherwise be Used to Perpetrate a Fraud: A lawyer who knows or with reason believes that her services or work product are being used or are intended to be used by a client to perpetrate a fraud must withdraw from further representation of the client, and may disaffirm documents prepared in the course of the representation that are being, or will be, used in furtherance of the fraud, even though such a “noisy” withdrawal may have the collateral effect of inferentially revealing client confidences.

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