About the band

D.C. Higgs & Blue Volcano might be called by some a blues band. We like to think of ourselves as much more than just a blues band. We play a mix of general feel-good music and that means blues and anything else we want to play. Okay, so we mostly play blues, but that’s what we want to play. It makes us feel good and we have fun doing it. Hopefully you’ll have fun and feel good to!

D. C. Higgs, known in legal circles as “Your Honor,” has been playing music since he was five years old. He’s played seven instruments in his lifetime but has settled on the harmonica and guitar as his focus these days. He has a powerful voice that really transforms a lyric. He’s got a day job at the Ramsey County District Court.

Blue Volcano consists of D.C.’s close friend and co-leader, Mark Lamoine (a lawyer practicing insurance defense under an assumed name) on guitar and vocals. You can find Mark leading jam sessions at Shaw’s Bar and Grill and Wilebski’s Blues Saloon and holding down the guitar duties for the band Sweet Tea.

Others members include John Lindberg on bass, Virgil Nelson on keyboards (both members of The Butanes), and Allen Kirk on drums — all great players who have played all over the United States and  internationally.

Listen to D.C. Higgs and Blue Volcano play “Love Her with Feeling” and “Boogie Man”!


Blue Volcano Poster